keskiviikko 16. marraskuuta 2016

Franco Nero in Helsinki

More photos from Night Visions film festival Maximim Halloween 3016 on saturday 12.11.16 in Helsinki, Finland, in Kinopalatsi cinema, Kaisaniemi. Athletic charismatic Keoma, Django and all other special guest villains aka heros, saviors, vigilantes, role model, hotties, dandies, iconic and ironic alpha males that Franco Nero have played on our genre flicks, arrived to our movie festival on november, movember...

photographer Satu Ylavaara

I just love english word "graphic" which means both violence and graphic arts, graphic skills... So these photos are graphic, they´re old school black and white, or blurry colourful.

valokuvaaja Satu Ylävaara

Franco Nero in Helsinki, Franco Nero,  Helsinki, nvmh3016,  Night Visions festivals, Night Visions festivaalit, Night Visions, genre ff at Hellsinki, Night Visions Maximum Halloween, in flick Enter the Ninja and Keoma ( aka Caramba! aka Keoma il vendicatore - or in our country: Caramba! – paholainen kannoilla - devil behind us)  ... Those blue eyes.... Occhi Azzurri...  Special guest Villain Franco Nero - or should i say hero, savior: Django, Keoma, Enter the Ninja... Here you are: Francesco Clemente Giuseppe Sparanero. Movies, italo western, cult, genre, action, camp, art house.

Satu Ylavaara Photography
photographer Satu Ylavaara
valokuvaaja Satu Ylävaara.
Minun heimoni on valokuvaajien heimoa ;)
kameranainen Satu Ylävaara

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